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Exclusive use of the Dog Salon for your pet at Yew Tree Dog Grooming in Manchester. Just look at the quality of our Full Dog Grooms on this and our other website pages- and still only around £30 NEGOTIABLE ALL DOGS.

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FULL DOG GROOM ONLY £30 ALL INCLUSIVE Nails, Hygiene and Hair Cut.  Your Dog has EXCLUSIVE use of our Superbly equipped Salon and Secure Private garden for groom breaks. No other Dogs at same time, Definitely No Cages – All equipment Fully sanitized Between Grooms.

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Open until 9pm evenings for Manchester Dog Groomer Customers convenience.

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 Using our custom built grooming salon to groom and maintain your family dog, Exclusively. Also complete with a comprehensive range of all the best quality equipment, such as the Chris Christensen scissor range – the most elegant, durable, comfortable and precise scissor range available

A Professional And Friendly Dog Grooming Service Covering Manchester including these areas: Fallowfield, Chorlton, Didsbury, Withington or Burnage

Also, the latest adjustable electric groom table for old or larger, or nervous dogs and breeds to simply step on to and enjoy been auto hydraulically raised to comfortable grooming height.

Our high quality superb bath with modern shower unit is also fully adjustable inside to suit your dog’s size – with external step fittings and internal comfort mats. Our range of shampoo and conditioners are for all breed and skin types. 

It important to have your beloved pets groomed. With a sense of smell one million times better than our own, our passionate 4 legged friend’s super sensory olfactory ability is why many love to be bathed and pampered.

Even those that don’t, like two of ours, still run around afterwards, spinning in circles, like children at Christmas .

Apart from the “state of the art” high spec – Double K850 Pet Dryer , we also have a selection of more “gentile” dryers- and choose only the best dryer, and settings, from our range for your pet to enjoy been dried, as opposed to becoming stressed.

All of our high quality tools and equipment have been selected using professional advice and training. This ensures the most stress free service for your pet.

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Steve Qualified Dog Groomer and Personal Trainer

Your dogs are intelligent and instinctive; a good combination to know when they are been treat with empathy and affection.Brushing and meticulously dematting before bathing – and similar maintenance between grooms – is important. It ensures a healthy coat, minimises the chances of cysts due to blocked pores, and promotes good circulation.

Heavy tangled hair is not only time consuming to correct, but can also lead to skin problems, with discomfort and soreness for your loved one(s).We ensure that their nails; ears, pads and other hygiene areas are correctly and professionally attended to. We help and advise owners on keeping the skin and coat healthy between grooms. Your dog’s skin and coat need regular bathing and brushing. Your pet will not only feel clean, loved and content, this kind of maintenance trains you to notice anything out the ordinary at the earliest stage. Prevention is better than cure.

As bathing is the foundation of good grooming, we ensure this is done to the highest standard in our top of the range stainless steel doggy bath. Professionally welded and constructed with non-slip fittings both inside and on the aluminium steps for easy access.

Lovingly and thoroughly cleaned and sterilised after each lovely pooch has enjoyed a full massage of suds and conditioner, matching the right products to the skin and coat conditions as the preamble to a top quality grooming procedure with a suspended floor for the smaller dogs, and a thermostatic bar mixing shower

We customise this crucial part of the grooming process to your pets own requirements.

Both active outdoor dogs, and those that are a pampered Prince or Princess, equally enjoy the attention we give to bathing and health checks in our pre-grooming procedures. Long nails present a potential health problem; in extreme cases they can cause the entire tendon and bone structure of the foot and pastern to break over time.

Allowing the fur to grow between the foot pads means more dirt than necessary is trekked into the house. In cold weather ice balls cling to the excess hair between the foot pads. As you could imagine a great discomfort Hair in the ear canal stops good air circulation. If your dog has heavy long ears, attention to this area is very important. A thorough evaluation and preparation process is carried out before we even start to groom. It is no less than these lovely creatures deserve.