Exclusive use of the salon for Dog Grooming

One Dog at a Time – Exclusive Service – Yew Tree Grooming Only

Does any Responsible dog owner really want to take their treasured loved one to a “Shop” – And leave them with other dogs they are Not familiarised with!?

YewTree Grooming offer Exclusive use of the salon for your pet

Because we provide EXCLUSIVE Use of our sterile Private secure Dog Salon for each and Every Customers Dog:-
As at 26th October 2019, we are Fully booked through Christmas. ( An Alert List for any Cancellations is available ).
But Read On for the Huge Positive as to “How to get on our very delighted and Privileged Customer Base”.. WELL WORTH WAITING FOR:-
As with all new enquiries, our ongoing waiting time for new customer bookings is now at Least 4 to 8 weeks!!

As once on our customer database simply advance book next reservation(s) as all our delighted regular customers do. Most now book a whole years slots in Advance.
You will then be ” In with Yew Tree Dog Grooming”
Why are we so busy? – Its simple, We have the Huge Advantage of :

  • Exclusive use of the salon for your pet
  • Zero stress for your pet due to other dogs and people coming back and forth
    ( The Security gate is locked once you have delivered your loved one to us)
  • Full one to one attention to your pet, with use of Fully secure garden for their rest
    intervals during grooms.
  • Best pound for pound value anywhere ( No price rises in last 5 years!!)
    Cheapest is best with Yew Tree Dog Grooming.
  • Before and After Pictures of your dogs groom to your phone – Before you collect – to make sure we have followed Exactly what You want.

All groom equipment and bathing area is sterilsed after every groom to guarantee no chance of cross infections** to your valuable loved ones.
**There are a Myriad of Cross Infection and Other Dangers in a Dog “Shop”
Do Shops with several dogs in – really have time to fully sanitise or isolate when a new dog turns up with fleas and shakes its eggs around!!

So for Exclusive use of a Sterile Salon:

Yew Tree Dog Grooming is the ONLY Groomers that provides this Privileged
If you want to come to us because you want Exclusive use of a pristinely clean and hygienic salon for your dog, then Advance book your first appointment now.

This is especially important at this time, as even though we are open 9am to 9pm seven days a week for customer convenience.

It has now reached the point where we may soon have to consider closing the books to any new customers.

We would rather do this for our highly valued customers, than Sacrifice our Exclusive One Customer Pet Salon Use.

We will Not be expanding and allowing more dogs in the salon at one time –
I don’t need to list further all the Chaos and Dangers this causes.

Groomers here give Excellent one to one customer service to you and your dog. ( Or dogs if you wish to leave 2 or more of your pets with us)
So new enquirers –

Advance book first groom for 2020 now to secure Exclusive Personal one to one service for your pet in the New Year.
Avoid the Chaos, Stress and Risks of Grooming “Shops” to your beloved pets in 2020 .
You owe this to them for all the love and joy they bring you.
Advance Book with us Now on 07775 920 689.